An old English proverb says: "Keep company with those that make you better". The mere beginning of my engagement in cynology was marked by endless and passionate love I nurtured for Great Danes. In the true sense of the word I was so impressed with a rarely balanced combination of mental and physical abilities which set these wonderful beings apart: meekness, balance and nobility of their character, a developed degree of communication with the environment and imposing constitution – all this together resembled perfection. Hand in hand with my fascination, there was me being fortunate to learn about them from great and true lovers and experts in this breed. Therefore I dedicate a few of this photos to my great friends and their beautiful dogs I used to adore, Dragana and late Milorad - Mi?a A*1/2ivanovi?, to my people from Zaje??ar and to Edit and Boris Nonveiller from Rijeka in Croatia.