Scottish terrier
In the autumn of 1999 into our home came our princess Daisy, a Scottish terrier from the kennel “YES” of Mr. Djura Gladic from Zrenjanin. She is the first terrier we’ve had and thanks to her outstanding temper, courage and independent, strong character terriers won our hearts forever. Daisy made it possible for us to get to know that wonderful family Petres from Zagreb - Blanka and Joza. Namely, first Faxo became love of the life of our Daisy. And this was the beginning of a very meaningful and complex story which is still lasting. The background of the whole story is their cordiality, hospitality and attentiveness. That is why many nice moments together can be found in that story. Daisy being a guest in their house, our visits during the days of Zagreb shows, stays of our puppies in a rather long periods before final parting, with Blanka’s previous and careful ‘’checking’’ of future owners.
And who could name all of them… many happy and sad moments were shared with her, many joys but worries also. We are happy we can say that this friendship has long gone beyond cynology and its existence enriched our lives.